RCAA Members Showcase their work at the MS Diagnostic Lab in 2008

Members of the Rankin County Arts Alliance showcased their work in Mississippi early in 2008 at the MS Diagnostic Lab.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

RCAA Welcomes Its New Treasurer Mary Ann Galle

One of the most loyal members of the RCAA since we returned in 2006 has been artist Mary Ann Galle. We are pleased to announce that she has taken over the duties of Treasurer for the organization.

Thank you to Mary Ann for all that you do! We appreciate your sticking by us through your trying times and for your commitment to the arts in Mississippi.

RCAA Member Showcase their work at MS Diagnostic Lab in 2008

In 2008 members of the Rankin County Arts Alliance have been busy showcasing their work throughout the state.

Early in 2008 members took advantage of having their work on display at the MS Diagnostic Lab in Rankin County. The exhibit which ran for months was able to allow others to see what we already knew: Rankin County has talent!

A big thank you goes out to the artists who participated in the project. We look forward to seeing more of your work around town in the months to come.